Origem represents our deep love for Trancoso and therefore was created to represent its authenticity, its most secret aspects, its true emotions, its refined elegance, combined with the wonderful nature and wilderness that characterises this part of Brasil, along with the kindness and hospitality of its people.

This is what we strive to communicate to our customers and guests, that we are motivated to express its authencity, allowing them to enjoy the most authentic aspects of Trancoso, making them passionate about the place.

Origem works every day to provide the best regarding rentals, sales and management of upscale properties in Trancoso, with a professional approach based on a friendly and strong relationship with the Landlords, Customers and Guests.

These are the reasons why we have carried out a careful selection of some of the finest properties in Trancoso  and thanks to our experience in Luxury International Hospitality, our knowledge of the area and with our continuous presence on site, we can always be the first to perceive and propose the latest exciting and valuable news on the market.

Our goal is to offer the best portfolio in terms of amenities, location and servicing properties. At the same time proposing an emotional path based on a selection that also involves the architectural appeal and the interior, in short, the soul of the place.

In order to offer a taste of the real TrancosoOrigem provides international and multi-lingual staff always well informed about the best offers and experiences to allow its Customers and Guests to discover the most authentic aspects of this unique place and enjoy an unfogettable stay.


Origem starts from the passion and common respect to Trancoso, a mix of local and international experiences, personal attitude to quality of life and the pursuit of beauty and authenticity of this very special palce in the south of Bahia. Seeking to propagate this lifestyle, Lara and Gabu, two passionate natives joined forces so that everyone can visit Trancoso with this special taste of exclusivity and tranquility.

Quem Somos

Lara Araújo – I grew up in a small place near Trancoso, called Arraial d’Ajuda, where everything and everyone were very close. I grew up surrounded by friends and always very close to my parents. Daughter of Portuguese parents living in a hippie village with cosmopolitan soul, it was a mixture that gave me a ludic, eclectic and very colorful childhood.  I grew also in direct contact with nature, and it marked my unconscious. I learned a lot to relate, permeating across cultures and lifestyles and, no doubt, consider this my greatest asset. The house full of friends made me like people, people different from me; and I believe it is in these relationships that we grow. In adolescence crossed the Atlantic in the opposite direction of Cabral to discover new ways of thinking … I spent a season in England and then went to college in Porto in Portugal. And then I came back! Today, I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, an entrepreneur and a woman. I feel complete in all my roles. I live life outdoors and I need movement, either with my body or with my mind.


Lara works in several branches in the region, from hotel to entertainment, partner of Hotel Fazenda Calá & Divino, Praia das Tartarugas restaurant, Casa Aracê, idealizer of Beach Club Café de La Musique Trancoso, idealization and incorporation, besides being always best real estate options to offer you.

Gabu ( Gabriel Regis Bittencourt) – I grew up in one of the most paradisiacal regions of Brazil, my parents met in Trancoso (BA) in the 70’s and it was here that I enjoyed a wonderful childhood, taking as scenery the stunning nature of this place. Imagine this village in the 80’s! The light was a luxury item, and the moon was our natural lighting. Growing up in this scenario, where simplicity reigned and nature was our only playground, it awakened in me a passion for everything that comes from earth, water and air.  In love with birds, fish and rivers, I was a boy standing barefoot, waiting for the right season to harvest, the right tide to cross the river and the sea, the right moon to fish or sail. Growing up with this direct contact has awakened my passion for nature, and this is one of the vocations to which I give myself today. Today I wake up early to water the plants and visit the various projects that I develop, but I was the last to leave the different nightclubs that I idealized. If you’ve already danced in Tostex, a “forró” or a little show in São Brás or if you’ve already had your breakfast at Pandoca, we may have already crossed paths here.

Today, I think of landscape projects that respect the environment, and privilege native species of the region giving voice to my intuition, in addition to commanding several projects that seek to rescue the essence of this time from the days gone by from my childhood, bringing back all simplicity and magical experiences that I have lived in this place. I invite you to know the region through my eyes.

Gabu works in several areas in the region, from entertainment, restaurant, landscaping, idealization and incorporations, being a member of the Restaurant Praia das Tartarugas, Flora Licuiri, Casa Aracê, among others.