Origem represents our deep love for Trancoso and therefore was created to represent its authenticity, its most secret aspects, its true emotions, its refined elegance, combined with the wonderful nature and wilderness that characterises this part of Brasil, along with the kindness and hospitality of its people.

This is what we strive to communicate to our customers and guests, that we are motivated to express its authencity, allowing them to enjoy the most authentic aspects of Trancoso, making them passionate about the place.

Origem works every day to provide the best regarding rentals, sales and management of upscale properties in Trancoso, with a professional approach based on a friendly and strong relationship with the Landlords, Customers and Guests.

These are the reasons why we have carried out a careful selection of some of the finest properties in Trancoso  and thanks to our experience in Luxury International Hospitality, our knowledge of the area and with our continuous presence on site, we can always be the first to perceive and propose the latest exciting and valuable news on the market.

Our goal is to offer the best portfolio in terms of amenities, location and servicing properties. At the same time proposing an emotional path based on a selection that also involves the architectural appeal and the interior, in short, the soul of the place.

In order to offer a taste of the real Trancoso, Origem provides international and multi-lingual staff always well informed about the best offers and experiences to allow its Customers and Guests to discover the most authentic aspects of this unique place and enjoy an unfogettable stay.


Origem started from the true passion and respect that Enrico, Gabu and Lorenzo all share for Trancoso. Although Enrico and Lorenzo are from Italy they all can relate to Trancoso for professional reasons.

The mix of their local and international experience, their professional background within luxury property management, their personal attitude to quality life and the pursuit of beauty and authenticity, are all aspects which brought them together in this new and exciting experience.


``Unique places are always a chemistry of natural and human elements. In Trancoso you can feel them, you are almost able to smell them.``

He graduated in Economics in Italy with a Masters in Tourism Administration at the Bocconi University in Milan, then going on to specialize in Management at the London Business School. He has traveled extensively around the world and has created a rich portfolio of luxury properties for a closed-end investment company.

Currently he is Director of this investment company, that owns some of the largest and most beautiful properties in Trancoso and Caraiva. Enrico began his career in the Luxury Tour Operating industry and he was also founder and owner of an exclusive Boutique Hotel in the Bahamas.


``Trancoso is all that is good in my life. I can live in contact with the sea and the nature and it offers me the pleasure of meeting wonderful people all the time.``

Son of one of the most important pioneers of the region, Gabu' grew up in Trancoso. His passion for this part of Brasil is expressed in his management of rural properties and in the real estate development. He also founded some of the most successful clubs in Trancoso.

He is currently responsible for the management of some of the most interesting and sophisticated tourism development projects in Trancoso and he is also involved in the landscape management of some exclusive properties.


``No kind of luxury experience can ever transcend the dimension of the purity of the infinite elements of Mother Nature.``

He graduated in Architecture in Italy and has developed extensive experience in the design and renovation of luxury properties. He has worked in Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Bahamas.

A passionate traveler, he has contributed to the selection of the Origem properties in Trancoso, by selecting them according to their architectural appeal and interior. He is also responsible for the Origem future retail shop project.